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Vancoufur Canada Banner Ad Contest!

Deadline has been extended to December 31st!

ANYONE AND EVERYONE CAN ENTER. It does not matter if you can come to the convention or not!!!!

VancouFur is giving YOU the chance to get your art as the official vancouFur banner for February!

We are not looking for animated banners, we are looking for still images to use in our website banner.

We are looking for images that are to the theme of our convention!

In this case we are focusing on "CANADA" since that will be the last banner month before the convention.

We want to give people the chance to show off cool things about canada but also to be funny and stereotypical if you want as well! There will be contest winners for different catagories!

Contest Run Dates: Oct 7th - Dec 31st!



  • Must be something related to Canada or Vancouver.

  • Can be Stereotypical or serious! Show off neat places in canada, canadian traditions or be as silly as you want with our canadian stereotypes! Bring on the bacon, maple syrup and appologies!

  • Preferably, we would like to have these in at 8.5x11inch, 300dpi, minimum at 4x6inch 300dpi. Needs to be LANDSCAPE not portrait - Horizontal not vertical. (The image will probably be cropped to fit the banner but used in almost full for conbook advertisements and the like.)

  • Must be rated for general public.

  • Must be submitted to Social.media[at]vancoufur.ca before/on Nov 28th!

TITLE YOUR EMAIL: "Canada Banner Ad Contest"  

Include the following info:

Gallery/Website URL:
Name/Alias/Buisness name:

(Please send it to us from your prefered contact email! If you cannot for whatever reason, then please tell us what your prefered contact is!)    


**ALL entries get put into our conbook and submitted to all of our online galleries with links back to you*

1st place: Your image is chosen to be the official banner ad image for our website for February! (It may also be made into an advert for FA and other websites as well!) (1st place might consist of TWO winners!)  

All runner ups (and the 1st place winner) get their images sent to our conbook staff to be put into our conbook! (please follow the submission rules above so we have all your info to credit you properly!)  

We will have a 1st place winner for the following categories:

Non Stereotypical Canada (Actually showing off something in canada that others may not know about and staying true to the facts.)

Stereotypical Canada (Being silly and focusing on our fabled Canadian stereotypes!)    


We are currently getting confirmation on who will be judging. Chair, Vice Chair and Social media and Conbook lead are currently on the list to judge.