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VancoFur's Benefactors

Conventions are expensive to run. New conventions like VancouFur cannot happen without significant dedication from dozens, even hundreds of helpers and followers, but another group is just as important and perhaps even more significant: Those who offer financial assistance.

The VancouFur convention is happy to introduce an opportunity to become part of the VancouFur Benefactors - a title bestowed upon individuals or groups who offer financial contributions of $1000 or more towards the convention in a single donation. Donations such as these make our convention possible.

If you cannot offer time as staff, but can financially afford to contribute, becoming a Benefactor is the best way you can help the convention!

Benefactors are recognized as the furs who help beyond the call and offer a financial incentive to run an even better convention than was possible before. Along with our Sponsors, Patrons, and everyone who donates equipment, money, and time to the event, Benefactors are giving their offering without necessarily putting a face to their contribution. Instead, we recognize them as Benefactors, and let the title speak for itself.

Benefactors are honored in multiple ways, including:

  • Repeating, yearly mention by name in the Convention Booklet whenever possible
  • Complete anonymity if you prefer, or ongoing thank you's if not!
  • More benefits to come!!


If interested, please contact us here to arrange for paypal, cash, or cheque payments. Thank your for helping this new convention be possible!