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VancouFur Dealers Den

Dealers' Den is now Sold Out!

Our Dealers Den sold out in an astonishing 37 minutes. We are now encouraging people to register for our waitlist.

Dealers' Den tables are $40 each plus convention registration for each dealer.

Tables are 6' in length by 32" in depth and come with power and limited internet connectivity via the hotel's Wifi.

Please note that applications will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis but that, due to our limited size, some consideration will be taken to help ensure a variety of vendor types in the dealers' den.

If you have any questions please visit our Contact Us page and speak to a VancouFur staff memeber.

Please follow the steps below to register for your VancouFUR 2014 Dealers' Den table(s):

  1. Register with VancouFur at the Dealers' Registration Kiosk.

  2.  We will send you an email response when our staff have reviewed your application. 
    ***Note: We are currently looking into whether additional licenses and/or paperwork are needed, and we may request further information from you.

  3. Upon receiving an approval email, you will be able to pay for your table and regular con fees at the Dealers' Payment Kiosk. 
    ***Note: It is strongly recommended that you send your payment via an ‘instant’ payment method (e.g., PayPal).

  4.  Once we have received your payment in full, we will send you a confirmation email and your Dealers' Den table will be secured.

Register for your Dealers' Den Table

Pricing for Dealers

This year at VancouFur, dealers den tables will be $40. Please note that the price for a dealers table does not include registration for the convention. You will have the option to register for the convention during the Dealers Registration process.

Please note that all dealers den tables are non-refundable and non-transerable


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