VancouFur 2015 presents - Gangserts and Gumshoes March 5th - 8th

VancouFur Artist Alley

Vancoufur will be offering artist alley table again this year!!

Make sure to Register for convention attendance before applying for an artist alley spot

Dealers Den table map
Artist Alley table map - Tables A/B 1–A/B 10

Artist Alley Rules:

  • The Artist Alley will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday Only
  • Artist Alley tables cannot be reserved in advance, artists must sign up the day they wish to sell in the Artist Alley.
  • Attending memberships must be purchased prior to applying to Artist Alley.
  • Sign-up begins daily at 9:00am before the Artist Alley opens.
  • Sellers must line up prior to 9:00am outside the Centennial room (Dealers/Artist Alley room opposite the front desk in the lobby). At 9:00am they will be let in to the Artist Alley and placed at a table by the Artist Alley Lead.
  • Tables are granted only a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • If there are more sign-ups than available space, artists may be put on a waiting list and leave their preferred method of contact in case space becomes available.
  • Artist Alley half tables cost $15 a day.
  • Tables are 3'x36", except table A7, which is 6’x18” and is sold as a half table since it is half width.
  • Artist Alley half tables are non-transferable.
  • We will attempt to provide access to power.
  • We will attempt to provide internet access
  • After making their payment, artists will get proof of payment.
  • If the artist leaves their table FOR ANY REASON, they must check out with the staff member working the Artist Alley and leave a time they will be returning.
  • If an artist has left their table and wishes to return again within the same day,they do not have to pay the $15 again so long as they still have their receipt/proof of payment.
  • If an artist does not intend to return to their table, they must let the staff know so the table can be offered to the next person on the waiting list.
  • There are limited restrictions to what is sold in Artist Alley, provided it is the artists own work
  • Any 18+ work must be separate and censored.  Selling to minors will NOT be tolerated.
  • Art depicting illegal subject matter will NOT be allowed in the Artist Alley.
  • All work must be packed up at the end of the day and removed from the Artist Alley. There will be no reserving tables for multiple days.
  • Please note:
    Artists from outside of Canada should also make sure that they are in compliance with the requirements to sell their wares in Canada

    Contacting Artist Alley

    If you need to contact the Artist Alley Lead, please email artistalley@vancoufur.ca and they will get back to you as soon as possible