VancouFur 2015 presents - Gangserts and Gumshoes March 5th - 8th

VancouFur 2015 Registration

Registration for VancouFur 2015 is now open!!

If you have any questions please feel free to visit our Contact Page to ask us any questions


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Pre-Registration Closes February 22nd

Pre-registration will close February 22nd at midnight. Please register soon to get the $35 registration price.


Registration Prices

Pre-Registration - $30 /person
After August 31st - $35 /person
At the door - $45 /person
Sponsor- $ 80 /person
Patron- $160 /person
Non-Attending- $15 /person
Kids under 10 years old get in free!

Single Day Prices:

Thursday: $15
Friday: $30
Saturday: $30
Sunday: $15

Please note: registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Minor Consent Form

Are you under the age of 16? PLEASE read and print this and have your parent/guardian sign it. This signed document along with a copy of your parent/guardian's Valid ID is required to register at VancouFur 2015!

Minor (under 16) Form (PDF)

Kids under 10 years old get in free!

All people attending and registering for VancouFur must agree to our AUP. It can be viewed here

Register now for VancouFur!!

Membership Package Benefits

Become a VancouFur Gumeshoe

Regular Membership - $45
Con book,
Admission to all events and areas of the con for all four days

Sponsor Membership - $80
Con book,
Admission to all events and areas of the con for all four days,
Convention t-shirt,
Ticket to the Ice Cream Social

Patron Membership - $160
Con book,
Admission to all events and areas of the con for all four days,
Convention t-shirt,
Ticket to the Ice Cream Social,
Ticket to the GOH Dinner,
Other surprise goodies

Non-Attending - $15
Does not give you access to the convention or any of the other things included with a standard registration.
Does give access to post art in the art show
Supports the convention even if you can not attend

Please note that all registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable

Cheques and eCheques

Cheques and eCheques will still be accepted until the end of our pre-registration period. This means that after pre-registration ends you will no longer be able to pay by paypal or by cheque. Only cash will be accepted at the door of the convention.

Code of Conduct

VancouFur is a private function being held in a public hotel and all guests are expected to uphold a certain level of respect and courtesy in order to maintain their access to the event space. Event space access is a privilege, not a right. We ask that you do only things that others would find acceptable in any public setting. Use your common sense!

At the event holders discretion, guests may be denied entry to the event space with no chance of refund of event contributions for any failure to abide by the following requirements, as well as any additional requirements determined at the event holders discretion:

  1. No illegal substances of any kind are permitted in the event space or hotel proximity.
  2. Costumes and clothing must be acceptable for public viewing and should not be overly revealing or suggestive in nature, at the event holders discretion.
  3. Be considerate! Inappropriate conduct towards hotel guests or staff will result in immediate expulsion and possible ban from future events.
  4. Rude, obscene, discriminatory, or sexual behavior in the event space or public hotel areas will not be tolerated.
  5. No outside alcohol is permitted in the event space.
  6. Alcohol is only to be consumed by those guests 19 years of age or older. Purchase of alcohol for underage guests is not permitted and is grounds for immediate expulsion from the event with NO exceptions.
  7. All hotel conduct requirements must be followed by all guests, including any in conflict with the requirements listed here. Any actions taken by the hotel in response to a breach of hotel conduct will be supported by event staff and reflected by the event.
  8. Room parties are not permitted unless coordinated with the event holders and/or hotel staff.