VancouFur 2015 presents - Gangserts and Gumshoes March 5th - 8th

VancouFur 2015 Theme

VancouFur has a proud history of choosing themes that reflect the city and country that we live in here in Vancouver, Canada. From celebrating all of Canadiana in our first year, with hockey and lumberjacks and winter wonderlands galore, to the vast mining history, to last seasons nod to the diversity which gave us the title of Gateway to the Pacific.

Gansters & Gumshoes

Our 2015 theme is Film Noir Presents: Gangsters & Gumshoes. This is a celebration of the Film Noir genre of films as well as the bouncing 1940s of Vancouver. The 1940s, also know as the golden age of neon for Vancouver.

From the early 1930s to the early 1970s Vancouver BC had more neon signs than even the famous Las Vegas strip, and it created an atmosphere of light and shadow that has become the historical look of the city and even shaped the genre of film know as Film Noir.