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Staff Email List

  • Chair: Chair[at]
  • Vice Chair: Vice.Chair[at]
  • Admin (Chair Assistant): Admin[at]
  • Art Show: Artshow[at]
  • Artist Alley: Artistalley[at]
  • Dealers Den: Dealersden[at]
  • Con Store: Constore[at]
  • Operations: Operations[at]
  • Volunteers: Volunteers[at]
  • Registration: Registration[at]
  • Security: Security[at]
  • IT: IT[at]
  • Hotel: Hotel[at]
  • Marketing: Marketing[at]
  • Social Media: Social.Media[at]
  • Conbook: Conbook[at]
  • Website: webmaster[at]
  • Video Crew: Videos[at]
  • Programming/Events: Programming[at]
  • Theater: Theater[at]
  • Themeing: Theme[at]

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