VancouFur 2016 Dance Competition

♪♫ Everybody Dance Now! ♫♪  

(BOM♪ BOM♪ bomBom♫ BOM♪ BOM♪)

Welcome all you outlanders to the Vancoufur Atlantis Dance Competition 2016.

“Dance Competition? Sounds fun! how do I join?”

You can apply right here! or you can send an email to

“Ok, so what are the rules?”

  • This year’s competition will feature some new and exciting changes:
  • There will be two divisions for dancing: “Fur Suiters” and “Non Suiters”
  • All previous year’s winners are eligible to compete
  • Applicants may perform in groups but will be judged additionally on their synergy
  • Applicants must submit their music before 11:59pm, Feb 29th
  • Music length is limited to 2 minutes
  • Please show up 15mins prior to the competition to ensure your participation
  • Be loud and be seen, but remember to keep it clean ;)

There will be 3 Judges this year, each one will grade your performance for a different Category:

  • Technique - Style, Choreography and Creativity
  • Character - Projection, Expression and Emotion through Movement/Fursuit
  • Entertainment - overall Enjoyment of your performance for judge and audience

So grab your water wings since we’re partying at the bottom of the ocean floor. Registration for this seriously FUN and Furry competition is now open.

Submission Form