VancouFur Night Market

In response to a number of suggestions to bring more events and more for sale on Thursday, We are pleased to announce we will be opening an experimental Night Market in the Artists Alley area on thursday night from 7:00pm to 11:00pm. Dealers Den table holders will be able to set up a half table free of charge, but anyone else is welcome to sell their wares for a $5 fee, with proceeds going to our convention charity.

  • Thursday night only, 7-11 pm
  • Setup starts at 6:30 PM
  • Table fee is $5 (proceeds go to our charity)
  • Dealers are free
  • 1/2 tables only (36"x30")
  • No reserves
  • Located in our Artist Alley area
  • Dealers from outside of Canada should make sure that they are in compliance with the requirements to sell their wares in Canada
  • A temporary business permit is not required to sell at Vancoufur
  • Sign-up begins Thursday night at 6:30pm, ends at 10:30pm
  • Tables are granted only as a first-come-first-serve basis
  • There will be no refunds, or transfers for paid tables
  • We will attempt to provide power
  • We will attempt to provide internet access
  • This must be your own work displayed at your table
  • Any 18+ work must be separate and censored
  • Selling adult content to minors is NOT tolerated
  • Art depicting illegal subject matter is NOT allowed in the Night Market
  • All work must be packed up at the end of the night, and removed from the Night Market

For questions or concerns, please contact,, or VancouFurDD on Twitter