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Space Station Zebra - journey completion:
VancouFur 2017 Space Station Zebra - Dance Competition

VancouFur 2017 Fursuit Dance Competition

♪♫ Everybody Dance Now! ♫♪
(BOM♪ BOM♪ bomBom♬ BOM♪ BOM♪)

Welcome all cadets to the Vancoufur 2017: Space Station Zebra Dance Competition.

"Dance Competition? Sounds fun! how do I join?"

You can apply right here! or you can send an email to kyroo@vancoufur.org or silverskiwolf@vancoufur.org.

"Ok, so what are the rules?"

This years competition will feature some new and exciting changes:

There will be 3 judges this year, you will be graded on each of these categories:

NEW: Please take note that judges have been instructed that bonus points will be given to those using fursuit footpaws.

Have a question about the competition? Email: kyroo@vancoufur.org or silverskiwolf@vancoufur.org for some answers!

Submission Form