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Space Station Zebra - journey completion:
VancouFur 2017 Space Station Zebra - Guests Of Honor

VancouFur 2017 Guests of Honor

VancouFur is please to announce our 2017 guests of honour! We believe that these people exemplify everything that we want to feature in our community and convention.

We are very excited to welcome some new guests for 2017!

Artist Guest of Honor - Kappy

art by Sixel

Kappy is a Vancouver Artist (originating from Edmonton, Alberta) who has studied arts & music her whole life. Currently working as a Professional Animator, she seeks to draw, sculpt and build fursuits in every spare moment. Passionate about gardening, she has a particular fondness for nature and all things green!

Kappy found her way into the furry community through the Lion King Fandom in 2004 and has loved meeting many wonderful individuals who inspire her. She recently picked up fursuit building in 2013, and is looking forward to refining her skills & possibly opening up for business in the upcoming years.

Community Spotlight - Sixel

art by Kappy

Animated Icon Enthusiast and Fraser Valley raised, free range goose. In addition to serving the online furry community since 2009, she's been a regular of the Vancoufur Dealers Den and also works in the animation industry as a background artist. Long time video gamer and dedicated kitty momma she dreams of one day creating her own game company with her partner - and all the games will be about cats or birds

Writer Guest of Honor - Lawrence M. Schoen

art by Kappy

Lawrence M. Schoen holds a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology; been nominated for the Campbell, Hugo, Nebula, and Cóyotl awards; is a world authority on the Klingon language; operates the small press Paper Golem; is a hypnotherapist specializing in authors' issues; and writes science fiction and fantasy about life, death, and the continua between the two.

His book, BARSK: THE ELEPHANTS' GRAVEYARD, just received the Cóyotl Award for Best Novel of 2015.
- BARSK Audio Preview

Fursuit Guest of Honor - Dancing Duke

Hey everybody it's Duke here! ThatDancingDog is a performance artist and has been active in the furry community since the late 90's. Originally hailing from Australia now lives happily married to his husband Mozee in the state of New York USA. Also known for his rather round character Oz Kangaroo. Duke is not only a costume performer, but an artist, costume builder, singer, dancer and personality. Most known for creating and putting together convention music videos in which fursuiters of all shapes, sizes and ages are welcomed to learn the moves and participate in the filming.

The performer behind Duke has been working in the entertainment industry for many years and is a long time pro sports mascot for various sports teams. Has appeared in stage tours and television performances as some very well known characters! He's also created costumes for both furries, corporate mascots, music videos, commercials and stage productions. Also was the creator and organizer behind the Australian furry convention Furry Down Under (FurDU).

But, in the end. He's just dawg that won't stop talking!

Check out Duke's YouTube.

Duke has posted an instructional video for a dance video he will be shooting at VancouFur! Check out the moves here!

Fandom Guest of Honor - Potoroo

art by Sixel

Potoroo (or Roo*) is a roogoyle originally from Erin, Ontario who, due to the misguided decisions of others, became Chair of Camp Feral! in 2004, inflicting his love of low-budget horror movies, the bizarre, and the colour pink on innocent campers ever since. He is also a musician, songwriter, music geek, and marketer for the [REDACTED] Company, which he can't talk about.

Check out some of his stuff at Soundcloud and BandCamp.

*If a kangaroo has claimed 'Roo' in Vancouver, I respect seniority and will be 'The Other Roo' to their friends and in their presence. #RooWorldOrder