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VancouFur 2017 Space Station Zebra - Hotel Information

VancouFur Hotel Information

The convention is being held at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel Richmond, 7311 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A3.

VancouFur's Hotel is ready to accept new bookings for our 2017 year! Be sure to read all the notices/instructions and then book your room early to get the room type you want.

REMINDER: The hotel staff (as well as ours) reserve the right to remove hotel door,or ANY signage, anywhere, that they deem innapropriate. So keep your signs PG!

Looking to get a Party Room?

Party block is now FULL!
Our main hotel block is now FULL!
Apartments and penthouses are now FULL!

Overflow Hotel Information

Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel

7551 Westminster Highway
Richmond, BC
V6X 1A3

Room nights available:
March 8 - 13, 2017

Base room:
Traditional Queen 2 Queen Beds: $145.00/night
(included in single, double, triple and quad rate)

Group rate available until 5PM, January 11, 2017. Subject to availability.

For booking, Call the Sheraton @ 1-866-716-8134 or make an online reservation here.

Main Hotel Location

Executive Airport Plaza

7311 Westminster Highway
BC V6X 1A3

Vendors/Art Dealers

If you are thinking of applying to be a vendor at VF2017, PLEASE BOOK A REGULAR ROOM FOR NOW. You can cancel it later if you cannot come/do not get into your vendors area of choice WITH NO CANCELLATION COST. (This is to ensure that you have a room from the get go because the Vendor Applications will not be available right away.)


Looking to get an Apartment or Penthouse suite? PLEASE BOOK A REGULAR ROOM FOR NOW

Quiet Rooms

The hotel will happily accommodate people who wish to have a quiet room. No audible room gatherings will be permitted by those requesting these rooms. Please request a quiet room when making your reservation and please email hotel@vancoufur.org to confirm your request.

Party Rooms

If you are wanting to book a party room, PLEASE BOOK A REGULAR ROOM FOR NOW. We will open party block applications down the road and change the booking for you to be in the party block. PARTY RESPONSIBLY!

How to Book & Room Rates

Book By Phone:

Phone number: 604­-278-­5555 or Toll free at 1­-800-­663-­2878
Group code: VancouFur
Contact Erin from 7am to 3pm Monay to Friday or talk to any other staff member over the phone

Be sure to write down your confirmation or ask for an email confirmation to be sent to you.

Book Online:

Booking Link
Code only works between March 8-13th 2017.

A credit card is required for booking but will NOT be charged until arrival or no­show.
YOU WILL BE CHARGED IF YOU BOOK AND DO NOT SHOW! (See below for cash instructions.)

Room Rates

Room Type Single Rates Double Rates Quad Rates
Plaza Deluxe 1x King/Queen Bed 119 119 119
Plaza Deluxe 2x DBL Bed 119 119 119
Standard Courtyard JR. Suite 2x DBL + Sofa Bed 129 129 129
Standard Courtyard JR. Suite 1x Queen + Sofa Bed 129 129 129
Standard Courtyard 2x DBL Bed 119 119 119
Standard Courtyard 1x Queen Bed 119 119 119
Apartment 1 Bedroom w/ 1 Queen + Sofa Bed restricted bookings; see below restricted bookings; see below restricted bookings; see below
Apartment 2 Bedroom w/ 1 Queen & 1 Single/DBL Bed + Sofa Bed restricted bookings; see below restricted bookings; see below restricted bookings; see below
Penthouse Suite restricted bookings; see below restricted bookings; see below restricted bookings; see below

*ALL rooms have a fridge & window(s) but only some apartments have a balcony.
*Jr. Suites have a microwave and extra sink.
*Apartments have a full kitchen, dishwasher, oven, microwave, fridge & in-room laundry.
*Free High Speed internet/WIFI & free airport Transfer via Shuttle
*Free parking for 1 vehicle per room, all other vehicles on a room are $8 a day
*Rooms rates do not include taxes. (approx %16.5 tax)

Hotel Rules

Checking In

Credit card is the preferred method for hotel booking. The first guest to arrive must present a credit card to put on file. All rooms will have the total amount of the stay put as a HOLD on the on­file credit card. (YOU WILL HAVE TO HAVE ENOUGH SPACE ON THE CARD FOR THE HOLD OR IT WILL NOT WORK!) Cash ­only customers without a credit card will be required to put down their entire stay, plus a $200 refundable deposit. This can be done by cash or interac. Final bills can be split however you wish at check out. At that time, the unused balance of the credit card hold will be released, and the $200 deposit will be refunded (if applicable).