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VancouFur 2017 Space Station Zebra - Party Room Information

VancouFur Party Block

Party Rooms

Party block is now FULL.

If you are wanting to book a party room, PLEASE BOOK A REGULAR ROOM FIRST. We will open party block applications soon, and if selected will change the booking for you to be in the party block.

REMINDER: The hotel staff (as well as ours) reserve the right to remove hotel door,or ANY signage, anywhere, that they deem innapropriate. So keep your signs PG!

If you do not book a party room, it is likely that any audible rooms/parties will be shut down. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Apartments/Penthouses & Party Room System

Please be aware that you are not guaranteed to get one as they are limited but we will do our best to get people into the room types they want. Parties are NOT allowed in Apartments or Penthouses due to close proximity with RESIDENTS that live in the hotel!

How it works

A set number of special rooms will be set-aside for the convention needs such as Guests of honor, prizes & awards, and special rooms like the staff lounge) the remaining special rooms will be given out based on the time you applied for the room (on our application form). (First come first serve)

How to apply

Party block is now FULL

What room types does this apply to?

This new system applies to the following room types for 2017.

This new system does NOT apply to NON-PARTY Junior Suites - Those are plentiful in our hotel, and they were and are available directly through the hotel.

Why we are making this new system

1. Room Restrictions - In our hotel, many of the special rooms are either above or below owned condo units not associated with the hotel. This means that there are certain rooms that have special restrictions on parties or noise complaints. We wanted a system that would require guests to fully understand the restrictions of the room type they are selecting long before they get to the hotel. We had a couple of people who had booked a penthouse wanting to party and were quite upset they were not allowed to.

2. Rewarding exceptional Party hosts - We introduced new party rules and system in 2016, they were exceptionally successful, and some of the people who hosted room parties will be rewarded with the ability to be assigned to the special rooms with the understanding that they follow special rules. (noise, traffic, id checking, etc)

3. Ensuring that registered attendees get special rooms - We were informed that some of the people who got special rooms last year were not registered for our event. It seems extremely unfair to allow people ghosting the event to prevent paid attendees from getting special rooms. In addition by having parties they put our event at risk. If their parties got out of hand the hotel would look at us because it’s pretty obvious that they are part of our group (even if they didn’t pay for a membership)

For this reason we will require each person who applies for one of these special rooms to have a paid (non refundable) membership to our event before approving their room. If you apply and do not yet have your membership that is okay. If your name is high enough on the list that we have a room available for you, we will give you 72 hours to register for the con and get your payment in before bumping you from the list and moving onto the next name.