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VancouFur 2017 Space Station Zebra - Volunteer Information

Want to volunteer with VancouFur?

Please volunteer at the con in Boardroom B, during Volunteer hours.

Interested in becoming part of the amazing team that makes VancouFur possible? Then we want YOU! Join the volunteer team for 2017 and help us make this year's convention even better than the last! Because we are a growing convention and moving to a bigger hotel, we need a larger number of volunteers, so come down, bring your friends and tell everybody you know how great volunteering at VancouFur can be!

VancouFur uses a special volunteer rewards program. For each hour you help to volunteer at the convention, you work towards free BASIC registration the following year!

Once you have completed 12 volunteer hours, your BASIC registration for next years VancouFur will be complimentary! That's right, FREE!

Simply fill out the form below with all your information and when you would like to help and we will help you find a volunteer opportunity that suits your skills!

Ways to earn hours:

Volunteers: 1 hour earned per hour worked
Panelists: 1 hour earned per panel
DJs: 2 hours earned per DJ set
Load-in/Load-out: 1.5 hours earned per hour worked during out load-in and load-out

We hope you'll join our team, and help bring something special to our convention!

Meeting Schedule

Not current staff but want to check out a public meeting? Contact Chair@VancouFur.org for the in-person address or the online video link (posted the day of the meeting)

All meetings are at 6PM PST unless otherwise stated. (Times MAY change, so check back often or contact us to check.)


Feel like you are too young to volunteer?

Have no fear! ages 12-15 can now volunteer!

All you need to do is have your Parents/Guardians fill out the Minor Volunteering Consent Form, and drop it off at Registration, or Operations. (please note this form is for volunteering, and is a separate form then our parental consent form.