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VF Art Show 2018 New Features

Vancoufur will be featuring the Art Show in its very own room this year! With the extra space we’re gearing up to expand our features and here are some of the goods:

Free Half Panels!

To celebrate the Art Show’s big return we want to offer artists a free half panel to enrich our community. Any works that sell will still have a 10% commission fee deducted from the total sale.

In order to hang properly in a 4 x 2 foot half panel, your total artwork measurements cannot exceed 4 square feet (576 square inches) including the frame. If you are submitting a 1 x 4 foot piece both landscape and portrait formats are accepted. For 3D artwork your piece(s) must fit within a 1.5 x 2.5 feet area with space for an info/bid slip.

You still get a free entry if you are buying extra panels, however if, for example, you choose a free 3D and purchase a 2D panel, there is no guarantee both types of your artwork will be displayed together. There are a limited number of free panels available so be sure to apply early!

Adult Section

We are now accepting 18+ rated submissions! Make sure to read our rules to know what is and isn’t allowed.


Each entrant in the General Audience section has the chance to win Best in Show, Best of Theme, and People’s Choice award. Winners will receive prizes and mentions at the Closing Ceremonies!

Rising Stars - 15 and under

We want to give a special spotlight to our younger members of the community with free 1-2 hanging pieces per entrant for the Rising Stars panel. Anyone 15 or younger needs their guardian to register to Vancoufur and apply for the Art Show. All rules including display standards still apply!

Evening Socialite

On Friday or Saturday evening the Art Show will be open exclusively to participating artists, dealers, sponsors, patrons, and Guests of Honor to give our creatives a chance to check out the art show outside Dealer’s Den hours and get to know Vancoufur’s creative community with complimentary drinks and snacks.

Art Show Voice Auction

Many of the pieces displayed in the Art Show will end up for sale in a live voice auction on Sunday. A piece may end up going to voice auction for several reasons depending on how the artist wants to sell their work and how many bids are being placed on it.

The Art Show voice auction will be held on Sunday March 11th at 1:30PM in the Grand Ballroom alongside the Charity Auction. (Add a link to the event on sched here)

Art Show pieces that go to voice auction will be auctioned off first before the Charity Auction items.

Reserving Art Show Space

***Please make sure to Register for a convention attendance before applying for an art show panel***

The purchasing system is based off half panels. Your first half panel is FREE!

Panel Type Total Unit Size Half Panel Size Half Panel Price
Hanging 4' x 4' 2' x 4' $5
Table 6' x 2.5' 1.5' x 2.5' $5

Some Important Things to Note:

Artwork in the General Audience section must be suitable for all ages. Frontal nudity (defined as bare breasts or exposed genitalia), obvious sexual content (even if the genitalia are not visible), extreme violence, and depictions of illegal drug use will not be displayed.

Characters that are trademarked, subject to copyright, or are well-known property of a person other than the artist may not be displayed without permission of the holder of the trademark, owner of the copyright, or creator of the character (this includes My Little Pony, Pokemon, Digimon, Sonic, etc.) Written proof of permission from said holder or owner must be provided and said holder or owner must be credited on the artwork.

Artwork that is not the original work must be labeled as such. Limited prints must be labeled as such.

Multiple prints of the same piece may not be displayed (ie. Two identical works) or be available in the Dealer’s Den that same year.

All flat art must be mounted or matted: you may not hang a piece of paper with a drawing on it (Opus sells clear plastic bags with adhesive closure of standard sizes fairly cheap that you may hang with clips - please include a backing board). Stretched canvas paintings without frames must have an installed wire or hanger. For a complete guide to mounting art see this website.

If you have art with specific needs, such as electricity, or your artwork has abnormal display parameters (ie: a mask that hangs out more than 6 inches) please email in advance.

Please note:

  • All art show panels and tables are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Dealers from outside of Canada should make sure that they are in compliance with the requirements to sell their wares in Canada
  • A temporary business permit is not required to sell at Vancoufur

Please review the full art show rules here before you buy an art show panel.

Applications close for non-attending artists on Feb 13th!, 2018