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Vancoufur Dance Competition

Welcome to the Vancoufur 2018: Tomorrowland Dance Competition.

"Dance Competition? Sounds fun! how do I join?"

"Ok, so what are the rules?"
This years competition will feature some familiar rules:

  • All previous years winners are eligible to compete
  • Judges will not be eligible to compete but are encouraged to show off.
  • Minimum song length will be 90 seconds
  • Maximum song length will be 120 seconds
  • Songs exceeding 120 seconds will be faded out
  • Applicants may perform in groups but will be judged additionally on their synergy
  • Applicants must submit their music before 11:59pm, March 2nd 2018
  • Please show up 15mins prior to the competition to ensure your participation
  • Be loud and be seen, but remember to keep it clean!

There will be 3 judges this year, you will be graded on each of these categories:

  • Technique - Style, Choreography and Creativity
  • Character - Projection, Expression and Emotion through Movement/Fursuit
  • Entertainment - Overall Enjoyment of your performance for judge and audience

TIP: Please take note that judges have been instructed that bonus points will be given to those using fursuit footpaws.

Have a question about the competition? Email: for some answers!