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Dealer's Den 2018 Rules/FAQ

Dealers Den vendors have been selected!

Thank you to everyone who applied. We have made our selections of Dealer's Den vendors as follows.

  • 3eyedfeline / houndsteeth
  • Allosaurex Art
  • Animal Shapes
  • Apoxon Industries
  • Bianna Creations
  • Che
  • Cursed Wolf Commissions
  • Danji Isthmus
  • Darkpaw Studios
  • Davecko
  • Draptor Printshop
  • Evil Space Cat Productions
  • Figeron Creations
  • Get Fluffy
  • Hyena Agenda
  • Jenessa Dunn//Reika Miyuki
  • Kiriska
  • Magpie Creations
  • Nomad Complex
  • Norsewolf Creations
  • Onnanoko
  • PMoss
  • Professor Whovianart Creations
  • Rezllen
  • Rhari
  • Sam and Fuzzy
  • Strawberry Neko and Malicaifox
  • Viridian Denial
  • Waffle Wishes
  • WildElement Studios (Temrin)
  • ZardisArt

We will need to be provided with the following information to complete your Dealer's Den application:

  • Desired listing name (For the website/conbook) Detailed description of what you intend to sell
  • Links to your website or hosted galleries with pictures of your products, if possible. Show us what you sell! As much as possible.
  • A brief biography of yourself/business.
  • If you are planning on doing a table share, and with whom.
  • If you are planning on having a Dealer’s Den Assistant and who. Assistants may also be added AT the convention and will be provided with a way to identify them as an assistant.
  • Dealer’s Den Assistants are not allowed to sell their own products.

Subletting at the time of the convention is no longer allowed. Please apply separately if you intend to share a table and express who you would be sharing with in your application.

Please note: Dealers from outside of Canada should also make sure that they are in compliance with the requirements to sell their wares in Canada.

Table Pricing and Dimensions

Full table - 6'x2.5' $50CAD
Half table - 3'x2.5' $25CAD

Dealer's Den FAQ

How do I apply for a table?

To apply for a table, you need to fill out VancouFur's Online Dealer's Den application. This does not require any payment of fees until after you are approved. You will be sent an email saying that your application has been received. Following that you will be sent a separate email when your application is approved/declined, after which your cart will show you the amount due. Please note that the price for a table does not include the price of registration for the convention. Dealer's Den fees must be paid within 30 days of acceptance, or risk forfeiting the table.

What can I sell in the Dealer's Den?

Vendors must sell only items which they are legally entitled to sell. Please be aware that if you have pirated, or materials that infringe copyright in an illegal manner we will require you to remove the items from your table.

You’re encouraged to sell your Artwork, handmade items, merchandise with your artwork/creations on them, and items intended for re-sale.

We regret that we are no longer allowing the sale of Food or Drink Items in Dealer’s Den OR Artist’s Alley to be in compliance with Hotel/Catering agreements and policy.

We have some firm rules regarding Sexual and Violent imagery in our dealer’s den for 2018. (Adult material refers to anything of a violent or sexual nature)

  • Any material (art, sculpture, and literature) containing extremely violent and/or sexually explicit depictions must not be accessible to anyone under 18 years old.
  • Adult material must be kept in closed binders/folders/bins that are clearly marked as adult.
  • Adult art in progress must be as concealed as possible from public view
  • Dealers are required to monitor their adult materials to ensure minors are not viewing them (Please check government issued ID) and must be aware of the persons behind the person's browsing their materials may be a minor. Adult material in binders must have explicit portions censored.
  • Dealers are required to check Government issued identification when exhibiting adult materials. Convention badges are not a valid picture ID and cannot be used to confirm an attendee's age.
  • For Adult Sculpture, we recommend a binder of photographs to showcase and simultaneously censor explicit portions. Examples are available on request.

Dealers found in non-compliance with these rules will first be asked to rectify the problem. If on follow-up the problem persists, the dealer will be ejected from the Dealer's Den.

How are tables approved?

VancouFur's Dealer's Den applications are reviewed by a committee of Vancoufur staff and community members in an effort to fill the Den with a wide variety of exciting, diverse merchandise. Judging is based on the following criteria:

  • Marketability/Reputation
  • Theme-appropriateness
  • Uniqueness/variety of merchandise

Three quarters (25) of our tables are filled by the selection committee, and the remaining quarter (8) is filled by a random number generator lottery of the remaining applications.

There are 33 Full Tables in Vancoufur’s Dealer’s Den.

The selection committee will review submissions in August. Applicants will be notified by Sept 4th if they were accepted or waitlisted.

Who is the Selection Committee made up of?

The selection committee consists of seven voting members and a non-voting chair who will facilitate the selection process. To avoid bribery, coercion and blame, we do not release the names of the committee members. You can be assured they will make judgements to the best of their abilities based on the information available to them. The committee will be chaired by VancouFur Business Executive Greyson. Any questions or concerns regarding the committee or the selection process can be directed to the committee chair or Dealer’s Den Lead Rhari.

What happens if I don't get a table?

Dealers who do not receive a table will be put on a waiting list, broken down by their panel remarks and time of application. Wait listed dealers will be contacted for a table as soon as a spot opens up. If no response is received within two days, the table will be forfeited and the next waitlisted applicant will be contacted.

How can I improve my chances of getting a table?

Show off what you're bringing! Links to art galleries, or websites with lots of photos and examples of your work or merchandise are very much appreciated. The more information you have for the selection committee, the easier they can see what you have to offer and make a well-informed choice!

Can I request a specific location in the Den?

Unfortunately, we are not able to promise a specific location for your Dealer's table; however, there is a section for requests in our DD application. Please fill out this portion if you would like to be sitting next to another vendor, or have specific corridor accesses (priority given to those with mobility difficulties) and we will do our best to accommodate your request. There are no guarantees that we will be able to accommodate every request, but we will do our best.

Is electricity and/or Wi-Fi available?

We will do our best to provide electricity to your table. Please indicate in the online form if you require electricity for your table. There will be free Wi-Fi vouchers given to dealers in our Den; dealers can purchase additional vouchers for a donation to our charity.