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Video Game Contests

If you would like to join the mario cart 8 competition at vancofur this year please fill out the application from.

Cutie Pageant Contest

Vancoufur would like to proudly announce the first ever Cutie Pageant contest.

In a normal beauty pageant all the ladies are gorgeous and then the scores start judging not outward beauty of a person but rather the inward value and their ability to express it. The idea here is to do the same with fursuits.

Our goal for creating this event can be summed up by one word, opportunity.

This contest will give contestants an opportunity to share their gift of performance and expression to an eager audience. Performing and the process that leads to it is full of valuable lessons and potential friendships. We look forward to fostering our group of performers through a successful show that someone just so happens to win in the end.

This contest will give an opportunity for builders from all over the world to have their suits shown off and seen by potential commissioners. During the runway portion of the show the builder will be mentioned along the lines of "Empty Shadow, brought to you by ByCats4Cats."

This contest will give an opportunity for all registered attendees to enjoy a fantastic display featuring some of the best talent our fandom has to offer. With cons around the world disbanding the fursuit parade, which was easily one of the most attended events at a convention, we want to offer MORE fursuit content for our attendees.

This contest is also an opportunity for you to volunteer your time and skills to help this event be all it can be. If you are interested in helping with this event please fill out a volunteer form here.

The cutie contest will include a Trivia Test and feature Talent and Outfit portions during the show.

Please see our official rules for more information about the event here.

If you are interested in being a contestant please fill out this form.

If you are interested in being a show judge please fill out this form.

We appreciate your interest in this event and encourage you to share this opportunity with everyone you know that might be interested. Encourage your friends to perform and remind everyone you know that they are talented and deserve recognition for their abilities.

DJ applications closed

Applications are now closed. We are reviewing all applications, and will be getting in touch with everyone soon!

Questions, Comments or Concerns?

Please contact if you have any questions.