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Night Market 2018 Rules

Please note: Dealers from outside of Canada should ensure that they are in compliance with the requirements to sell their wares in Canada.

Vendors must sell only items which they are legally entitled to sell. Please be aware that if you have pirated, or materials that infringe copyright in an illegal manner we will require you to remove the items from your table.

You’re encouraged to sell your Artwork, handmade items, and merchandise with your artwork/creations on them.

We have some firm rules regarding Sexual and Violent imagery in our Market for 2018. (Adult material refers to anything of a violent or sexual nature)

  • Any material (art, sculpture, and literature) containing extremely violent and/or sexually explicit depictions must not be accessible to minors.
  • Adult material must be kept in closed binders/folders/bins that are clearly marked as adult.
  • Adult art in progress must be as concealed as possible from public view
  • Vendors are required to monitor their adult materials to ensure minors are not viewing them (PLEASE CHECK Government Issued ID) and must be aware of the persons behind the person's browsing their materials may be a minor. Adult material in binders must have explicit portions censored.
  • For Adult Sculpture, we recommend a binder of photographs to showcase and simultaneously censor explicit portions. Examples are available on request.

We regret that we are no longer allowing the sale of Food Items in Dealer’s Den, Artist Alley OR Night Market, to be in compliance with Hotel/Catering agreements and policy.

Vendors found in non-compliance with these rules will first be asked to rectify the problem. If on follow-up the problem persists, the vendor will be ejected from the Night Market.

Night Market FAQ

Table Pricing and Dimensions

Cost: $5 CAD for a half table. (all proceeds go to our charity)
Free to vendors in Dealers Den
Size 4’x2.5’ (Half table)

How do I apply for a table?

Arrive at 6:00 pm to our check in for a half table. There we will get you started. It is at con only this year.

How are tables approved?

It is “First come first serve” for half tables, and you also get to pick the area you would like to sit.

Can I get a full table?

Not this year. You can request to sit beside a friend as you arrive, if the spot beside them is not taken.

Can I request a specific location in the Night Market?

Of course, but it is first come first serve, so spots will fill up. A map will be available as you wait in line.

Is electricity and/or Wi-Fi available?

We will do our best to provide electricity, and/or Wi-fi to your table. Power is limited. If you require power, ask the check-in to place you closest to a power source.

What if I want to leave?

Not a problem. Just be sure to inform the Night Market check in table you are leaving.
Closing up: Let us know you are not returning. This lets us fill in that spot with the next person on our wait list.
Taking a break: Let us know this too. So that we do not mistaken your table as a spot to give away. We can also inform people that you are away, and will be returning later.

What days is Night Market open?

Night Market will be open Thursday this year from 7:00pm-11:00pm

Is there a check-in/sign up time?

Yes. Check-ins start 6:00pm-10:30pm.

Can I put signs on the walls?

If you wish to add signs, please ask the Night Market check in table for the proper tape, and assistance. We are guests, and do not wish to destroy hotel property. You can also place signs on your table. If you are unsure, ask the Night Market team, and they can inform you if it is alright to use, or not.

What if all the spots are filled?

We will place you on a waitlist, and the moment a spot becomes available we will contact you ASAP. You will need to return to the check-in table, so that we can get you set in.

Is there anything else I should know?

There will be no refunds, or transfers for paid tables.

I have more questions how do I contact Night Market team?

If you need to contact the Night Market Team, please email and they will get back to you as soon as possible