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Vancoufur 2018 Party Block

Vancoufur wants to make sure everyone has an amazing time. So we want to make sure there are some great parties.

If you're interested in hosting a party at Vancoufur, you should apply for a room in the convention's Party Block. Once we get it, it'll be reviewed by our Party Ambassador, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Remember! Themes, and parties everyone can attend make Vancoufur better for everyone!

Applications are now CLOSED! Applications are now being reviewed. Please stand by!

Party Block Rules and Guidelines

  • Alcohol service over 19+, you must obtain wrist bands and check before service.
  • Loud rooms must be buffered by non loud rooms, if you do not indicate you are a loud room, do not be loud. Loud rooms are not permitted to use dedicated subwoofer or high bass audio systems which can cause noise problems for other guests who are a long distance away.
  • Public rooms are arranged as a group to reduce hall traffic, if you do not indicate you are a public room, do not host a public party.
  • If you change your mind about type of party you are having you must let us know before the cut off / room assignment time.
  • If you cancel your room without going to VF staff to help arrange your cancellation you will lose placement for future years. Cancelling your room without going through VF staff can result in unfavorable party conditions for everyone else.
  • Applying for a party room does not guarantee a room. Have a good party theme, put on a good show. You are more likely to be selected based on past performance and get bonus points for leaving your room clean and damage free.
  • If you booked an existing room, you have the option to switch the reservation over, or retain both rooms.