The firewall ports will open: 5th - 8th March 2020

Welcome to a city that never sleeps, alive with the pulse of neon, and skinned in chrome. This is a world of have and have-nots, of big corporations that own everything and the fight against their control. Where furs trade their flesh for metal and tech to become something more than moral, and choose on what side of the city they will trade those talents. It's never black and white, but shades of gunmetal and techno glow. Who will you be in this Neon City?

Registration is now closed! Passes available at the door. See you at con!

About Vancoufur

VancouFur is Canada's West Coast convention held in beautiful British Columbia. Filled with a diverse amount of creative writing, art, and other hobby related panels, VancouFur offers an amazing opportunity to be your furry self all while offering the gorgeous sights of the city of Vancouver. Our fursuit parade, dances with community DJs, games, and friendly furries await you for tons of fun! Don't miss your opportunity to meet some new furends and experience the city that even Deadpool loves!

This year our theme takes our attendees for a ride through the Cyberpunk Genre by way of the fictional Furry Cybertropolis of Neon City. Join us for four days of exploring this dystopian world of chrome and neon, celebrating local talent and all things furry.


VancouFur is run by dedicated volunteers and the British Columbia Anthropomorphic Events Association (BCAEA), a Society incorporated under the Societies Act. Want to be a part of Vancoufur 2020? Sign up to volunteer here!