Neon City is a city full of stories. Stories of Megacorporations, and those that fight them from the shadows. Stories of corruption, stories of trumph. There are the haves, and have nots, the corporates, the runners, and the rest of the unwashed masses struggling to survive in a world of neon and chrome.

Here you will find some information the 'lore' of this year's theme, there is additional information and a story that is scattered around the convention, in the conbook, in the decorations, in select events ( such as the Escape room and murder mystery), opening and closing ceremonies, its up to you to discover it! Participate in different events and the congame and help the runners in their job and win prizes.

Neon City - Prologue
A brief history of the "Vancoufur" event in Neon City

Lore - Faces of Neon City
A who's who of the most important people you need to know about in Neon City

Lore - Corporations of Neon City
Megacorps own and operate everything within Neon City, its important to know who runs what.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 1
Episode 2