VancouFur 2012 Art Show

Art Show Hours

Reg/Setup - 10am to 2pm.
Open 2pm to 6pm

Open 9am to 4pm
Voice auction 4pm to 5pm

Art pick-up 11am to 3pm
Pack-up 3pm to 5pm


First off, thank you for your interest in taking part of the inaugural Art Show at VancouFUR 2012!

Art Show boards are approx. 4' X 4' and cost $10 each, plus 10% of all sales.

Please follow the steps below to register for your VancouFUR 2012 Art Show Board(s):

1) Register with VancouFUR at the [Registration Kiosk], stop at payment option, and continue to step 2.

2) Send an email with your registered name, Artist Submission Form, and Control Sheet; fully completed to

3) Your application will be reviewed and an email response will be sent.

4) Upon receiving an approval email, your account will be updated to include your Art Show fee and you may continue with the payment process.
***Note: It is strongly recommend that you send your payment via an ‘instant’ payment method (e.g. Pay Pal).

5) Once payment is received in full, your Art Show Board will be secured, and a conformation email will be sent out. Again, thank you for being part of VancouFur's very first Art Show!!

VancouFUR 2012 Art Show Coordinator