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Opening Ceremonies - Friday Noon to 1pm

Welcome to VancouFur! See our celebration of Canada at BC’s first full furry convention and help us bring this event to a start. Meet our Guest of Honour, Thumper, and learn what kind of fun we have in store for the weekend!

Guest of Honour Dinner - Saturday 5pm to 7pm

Join us and our Guest of Honour, Thumper, for a buffet dinner – great food, great fun, at a ridiculously good price. Ask about dinner tickets at the Con Store!

Ice Cream Social - Sunday Noon to 1pm

Who doesn’t like ice cream? A buffet-style event with plenty of ice cream and toppings, and a chance to socialize with your fellow furries while building up that ever-necessary sugar rush. Ask for tickets at the Con Store.

Fursuit Games – Thumper/Jimfoxyboy

Be ready for fun and challenging activities performed by our brave fursuiters! Everyone is encouraged to attend and cheer on your fuzzy athletes as they try to outdo the competition. Fursuiters please arrive promptly at the starting time if you want to participate.

Fursuit Parade - Saturday 1pm

A celebration of the convention’s costumers! Don your full faced costume and show it off to the entire hotel as we walk through from the Igloo theatre, through the dealers den, and to the front of the hotel (weather permitting) for a group photo. The route is shown in your pocket program map.

Variety Show - Rehersal Saturday 9am, Show Saturday 7:30pm

Always unpredictable, always entertaining, and never to be missed, see a furry themed variety show with a Canadian spin! Come to the Igloo and see your fellow furries and their various talents in everything from music, stage, comedy, and.. Ninjaing? Sign up your act during our rehearsal and be part of the first annual VancouFur Variety Show!

Furry Feud – Aphinity - Friday 9am

Based on the popular TV game show, and made famous thanks to Howloween, come early or midway through and be part of four teams of 6, or cheer them on to find the best answers from survey questions, all for incredibly (not really so) awesome PRIZES! Entertainment and bad theme music guaranteed!

Furry Pictionary – Jimfoxybo

You don’t need to be a great artist, just to be creative in this fuzzy version of the classic, with a bit of a Canadian twist. Using only art, each side tries to quickly ‘draw’ out the right words (without actually spelling it out) from their team mates before the timer runs out. If you wish to be on a team, be sure to come promptly.

Theatre/Film Audition Workshop – Lavose

Vancouver is a city rich with multicultural & artistic surroundings and as such, Vancoufur will be hosting an Audition Workshop panel for everyone. The panel will be in two consecutive parts, “The Workshop” and a “Master Class.” For all you acting furs out there, the master class will be held for anyone who would like to bring an audition piece, monologue or CD (to sing to) and have some constructive feedback from our peers. Even if you don’t act, come have some fun and possibly learn something new and useful.

Creators’ Lounge

Artists, writers, sculptors, costumers – if you create, this is an opportunity for you to kick back, relax and chat with your fellow creative types. Bring your sketchbooks, notepads, sewing gear, or whatever and get to know the other creative minds from around the fandom.

Eye of Argon – Carthage

Canada has a rich storytelling history, full of the song and dance of our native peoples. Sci-fi/fantasy conventions though, we use a more interpretive approach – “Eye of Argon” uses that storytelling technique to its fullest. Come enjoy the worst fantasy story ever written and get a laugh out of the story circle.

Hiss and Scritch

Come give your feedback on the convention so we can run an even better one next year!

Closing Ceremonies

*Sniff* The con is over, and while that’s sad, let’s all have a fun, final reminder of the good times we had and learn about what’s to come next year!



Fursuit Track

Fursuit Building 101 – Dragon Man Mike/Razzy (R_L Works)

This panel will take you through the basics of building your own fursuits. Learn about head building techniques, hand/foot paw building, and basic body suit construction from experienced fursuit makers. In addition, there will also be a Q&A/'Does' & 'Don'ts'.

Fursuit care and Maintenance – Scribblefox

How to wash, take care of, and maintain your fursuit.

Fursuiting with Thumper – Thumper

This panel is an opportunity to hold informal discussion on all things Fursuit! Ask questions and explore the interests and perspective of our Guest of Honour, Thumper! Thumper will discuss the evolution of Fursuiting in the fandom and the changing role the Fursuit plays in the fandom today. Bring your questions about performance, safety, the role of the spotter/handler or whatever you like!

It's Alive! – Errol

A session to share experiences, ideas and concepts on lighting and animating a fursuit. From using what's available at the dollar store to the latest technology- a costume can be... well, more. Bring your ideas and experiments and we'll run with it.
Packing & Traveling with your Fursuit – SairysWolf
Traveling with a fursuit in tow can be something of a challenge, regardless if you are going short or long distances. Learn about the different ways you can safely pack a suit, and the things you should watch out for that will prevent, or at least reduce, the chances of damage.

Traditional Tail Making – Dragon Man Mike

Need a tail, well with this panel you will learn all you need to know to make your very own tail. From creating the pattern to cutting it out, to sewing it all together. This panel will take you from start to finish and show you little tips and tricks to get it to look just the way you want it.


Art Track

The Art of Drawing Furries Part 1: Anatomy – Star Wonder

Learn the proper anatomy from fingers and paws to faces and maws! Bring a pencil and paper!
The Art of Drawing Furries Part 2: Workshop – Star Wonder
Get hands on with learning to draw Furry style with one-on-one, face-to-face training! Bring a Pencil and paper and lots of questions!

Crib Notes: Drawing Cubs – Rhari

“They’re furries, just smaller, right?” Well, no – young characters are more complex than just scaling down an adult character. Learn tips and tricks to drawing the little ones the right way and create your own cute cub critters.

Four or More: The Art of Taurs – Rhari

That’s a lot of legs! Have you ever wanted to draw a taur character, but couldn’t quite figure out how best to get started, or how all those limbs work out? Join Rhari for a look at these popular and interesting furry characters and gain insight into how to create them on paper.

Make your own Webcomics – ShadowsMyst

Digital comics are a great way to build your skills and popularity as an artist online. In this panel, ShadowsMyst, a 13 year webcomics veteran, will share the basics of designing, making, maintaining, and marketing your own web-based comics be they in Long form (graphic novel) or gag-a-day strips.

Photoshop Effects and Techniques for Digital art – ShadowsMyst

Have you ever looked at a popular artists work and wondered "how'd they do that?" or perhaps you own a copy of Photoshop and would like to know how to better use it to achieve effects such as soft glows, fire, lightning, reflections, watermarks, dynamic lighting, cleaning up lineart, cellshading and more? ShadowsMyst, a professional Photoshop instructor for over 8 years, will show you these techniques and more in this one and a half hour panel.

Plushie Construction Basics – Apoxon

Who doesn’t love plushies? Have you ever tried making one? This panel will present various steps involved in creating plushies both as hobby and as an art form. Initial patterning ideas, construction, stuffing and finishing touches will be discussed, as well as where to look for supplies (faux fur, eyes, joints etc). Please note this panel will not be discussing the art of Frankenplushie-ing

Web Comic Fan Panel – RainRat

For the fans of comics online. Share your favorite comic, or learn about what is already out there in this open forum.


Writing Track

Character Development – Tony Greyfox, Apoxon

Good fiction requires some key components, not the least of which is compelling, well designed characters. This panel will discuss some of the basics on creating interesting characters for all types of fiction. Panelists will share their thoughts on how they come up with characters, look at the important aspects of characters such as motivation and background, and consider how to make characters furry – rather than people in furry suits.

Fighting in Story Telling – Jivewriter

An enlightening discussion about fight scenes in writing and storytelling in general. Focus on ways to give the reader some perspective into the insight into how fighting looks and feels through the eyes of the character, particularly from the first person perspective. The differences between a trained martial arts fighter versus a seasoned untrained brawler, emphasis on pacing of a fight, fighting enemies and the purpose of fighting for character development.

World Building for Fiction – Tony Greyfox, Apoxon

Whether your story is set in contemporary times, a medieval fantasy or a space opera, it needs someplace to take place. Building a world can be an exciting process for a writer, and there are as many ways to do it as there are individual creators. This panel will look at the considerations that should be given to building a world and integrating your characters into that world. The implications of furry characters in a world will also be considered. Discussion among attendees will be encouraged.


Gaming Track

AD&D Tabletop Gaming – RainRat

Self-contained adventure, no back-story needed. First time players welcomed. Pre-generated, level 1 characters will be provided. Unless, if player has a character concept, a quick character can be created. Adventure will be wrapped up at end of session. (There may be loose threads.) Pending a large turnout, and host is able to find another
player to DM, will run two gaming tables with same adventure.

Creating Memorable Characters (LARP) – Baphnedia

Learn what live action role playing (aka LARP) is all about and how to create a fun and creative character. This session will be an introduction to the various elements, traits, and concepts that are involved in creating a character. Learn about the common mistakes and things you should try to avoid as well. Also included will be brief run down on several LARP games that currently exist.


General Track

Bronies – Frysco

A little over a year and a half ago, the ‘Friendship is Magic’ series, began its first season, produced right here in Vancouver. Today, it is in its second season and has gathered quite a large international following, known as ‘bronies’. Get to meet other bronies, share stories, and maybe even make a few new... friends.

Computer/Internet Security – RainRat

The computer and internet has become such an integeral part of the furry fandom, and just life in general. Unfortunately, just logging onto the internet also comes with risks. Learn how you can protect yourself from malware, account hacking, viruses, password theft and other digital nasties from someone who has been working the field for the past decade, and counting.

DJ 101 – Thumper, Akonite

All levels of music enthusiasts and DJ's are encouraged to attend this fun interactive panel. Explore various genres and media dance music and see demonstrations of basic skills by Vancouver resident pro DJ Akonite and our Guest of Honour EarVelvet (Thumper)!

Hacking, Lock-picking & Cheese – Kyle 'Kay' Fox

Open discussion of hacker-type things such as locks, RFID, network security, et cetera. Hackers, interesting locks, strange, esoteric devices and a variety of cheeses will be provided. Because of regulations in BC, lockpicking equipment will not be available. Bring a friend, or a spook.

Open Rainfurrest Staff Session

Join our Seattle neighbours for a Rainfurrest planning session.

Randomness With Professor Whovianart – Professor Whovianart

“Random” is certainly the best way to describe this panel. This will be a question-and-answer session (and possible world takeover kickoff, we’re not sure) with a very unique host. Professor Whovianart will present a discussion on... well, pretty much anything, really - he will speak on different subjects, providing his point of view on many wide-ranging concepts and interests: right or wrong, no matter what, his perspective will be very different. He may ask the audience questions to get going and see where things end up - so interactivity is welcome. And, as he says, if it all goes horribly wrong, at least it’s a place to sit a spell and relax from all the hustle and bustle.

Surviving BC – Kuviare

All you need to know to get closer to the wild side of British Columbia. IE Survival tactics, edibles, beasts!

Understanding Furries PART 1 (All Ages) and Part 2 (Adults Only 18+) – Star Wonder

A brief history of the Furry mind and World, and answers to all your questions about Furries, (who, what, when, where and why)! Please respect the all ages panel and keep questions and comments PG-13. If you have adult related questions (no-limits), write them down or keep them in mind and our hosts will be happy to answer after the panel or during the adults-only panel.