VancouFur is Canada’s West Coast convention held in beautiful British Columbia. Filled with a diverse amount of creative writing, art, and other hobby related panels, VancouFur offers an amazing opportunity to be your furry self all while offering the gorgeous sights of the city of Vancouver. Our fursuit parade, dances with community DJs, games, and friendly furries await you for tons of fun!

Even if you can’t make it in person, our digital convention allows you to participate in the fun and experience much of what VancouFur has to offer from the comfort of your own home! VR worlds, Minecraft, and twitch lets you enjoy much of the content VancouFur has to offer.

VancouFur is run by dedicated volunteers and the British Columbia Anthropomorphic Events Association (BCAEA), a Society incorporated under the Societies Act. Want to be a part of Vancoufur 2022? Sign up to volunteer here! For information on our Covid Policy for 2023, see this page.

Masks are required!

Please wear a mask while in con spaces.

Masks are required while inside controlled convention spaces. Please help us all stay healthy by kindly donning a mask while in panel spaces, the vendors hall, or other convention function spaces.

Convention Hours

  • Thursday, March 2 – 5pm – 2:30am
  • Friday, March 3 – 10am – 2:30am
  • Sat, March 4 – 10am – 2:30am
  • Sun, March 5 – 10am – 7pm
  • Dead Dog Dance  – Sun 9pm – 1am
Adult hours begin at 9:30pm.

Registration Hours & Location

  • Thurs – 3pm – 11pm – Barnston A, Main floor
  • Fri – 10am – 11pm – Barnston A, Main floor
  • Sat – 9am – 11pm – Barnston A, Main floor
  • Sun- 10am – 3pm – Trillium Room, 2nd floor

Headless Lounge

  • Thurs – 6pm-1am
  • Fri – 10am-2am
  • Sat – 10am – 2am
  • Sun- 10am – 6pm

Video Games Room

  • Thurs – 4pm–12am
  • Fri – 11am–12am
  • Sat – 11am–12am
  • Sun – 11am–5pm

Tabletop games Room

  • Thurs – 4pm–11pm
  • Fri – 10am–11pm
  • Sat – 10am–11pm
  • Sun – 10am–5pm

Our theme this year is After Furmagedon, where the survivors of an apocalyptical event are emerging, ready to reclaim the world that they lost, even if it has changed much since the world they once knew. This theme takes inspiration from many sources such as The Last of Us, Fallout, Days Gone, etc. We look to the future as we rebuild in this strange new world we find ourselves in.

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