Pronouns: (he/him)

An adorable, feathery blue microraptor, Beekin is an experienced DJ who loves vinyl and spins all the best 90’s dance tracks. Since the late 90’s Beekin’s character has been evolving, but he always has green eyes and the name “Beekin”, a play on the word “begin”, inspired by his return to Montreal, and a fresh start. This new beginning gave him a chance to prove himself, not only to others, but also himself after years of bullying.

In 2015, Beekin was given the opportunity to replace an employee that had quit unexpectedly in the Vancouver office. After impressing the Vancouver office manager he accepted a contract for few months it would take to find a new employee. Not long after, he began to ask when the position would open and if he could apply for it. After three months the job was his. This was a life changing moment for Beekin, and has never regretted the choice to move to BC. He cites this decision as a turning point in his life, and becoming a part of VF and its associated events as one of the best things that has ever happened to him.

He’s a dedicated volunteer who has not only given hundreds of hours of his time to run AV and Theatre at furry conventions across Canada, but has also spent large sums of his own money to procure AV equipment to help sustain the furry conventions he supports for their AV needs. AV is one of the second biggest expense for furry cons outside of the hotel, and he’s been instrumental in keeping those costs reasonable for the cons he supports. For the last few years he has been A/V lead at Vancoufur, Vanhoover Pony Expo, Vancouver’s Howloween, and Montreal’s What the Fur. He also recently helped with Alberta’s fur con, Fur Eh! He is also working on a new project to help with digital scheduling for furry conventions, again to help keep costs down and make the experience better for convention goers.

He’s a creative soul with a big heart, a French Canadian with metis heritage who loves photography and dabbles in drawing and art when inspiration strikes.

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