Cutie Pagent

The one-of-a-kind Cutie Pageant is coming to VF2022: Evfurquest!

Join us as we celebrate a staple of the furry community, the fursuit! If you missed out on the fun in previous years here is a little bit about the event:

The Cutie Pageant is a celebration of furry talent. The builders, the wearers and even the accessory creators all get a chance to show the furry community what they can do.  Our contestants will strut their stuff on the runway and blow you away with their talents (The big bad wolf will not be attending). This is THE can’t miss event of VancouFur 2022!

Do you have a fursuit?  Do you have at least a little bit of talent? Can you wear clothing?  If you answered yes to those three questions you should apply today!

There are the rules, if you want to apply, you should read these first:

  • All contestants must perform in a full or partial Fursuit.
  • All content must be PG-13 or lower.
  • For the runway portion of the show contestants will feature an outfit over top of their Fursuit and walk the runway. Each Judge will score each contestant 1-10 based on the outfit and their embodiment of the personality of their character. There is a rumor that the Judges may give favorable scores to outfits that fit the con theme.
  • The talent portion of the show will feature a Talent chosen by the contestant.  Each Judge will rank each performance 1-10.  We encourage a wide variety of talents and we want everyone to find a creative way to show their character’s personality.  Please keep your performance between 1 and 3ish minutes. If you are particularly inspired to go beyond 4 minutes it may be granted based upon the number of contestants we end up having. If you would like to dance as your talent, please consider applying for our Dance Competition instead.
  • In the end, the contestant with the highest cumulative score will win. If there is a tie Empty Shadow will be in charge of breaking the tie.

The zany antics of Empty Shadow will return as he hosts the Pageant and stars in his equally silly commercials. Now you can join in on the fun too!  We are accepting both funny joke commercials AND real commercials from Furry Merchandisers. So get those ideas into 2 Minute video form and apply here!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact

Interested? Then sign up and encourage your friends to sign up too! Encourage your friends to perform and remind everyone you know that they are talented and deserve recognition for their abilities.

  • Please submit your application before con, sign up before 11:59 pm pacific Feb 25th, 2022- otherwise you may be subject to a waiting list.
  • Applicants must submit their music before 11:59pm pacific Feb 28, 2022.
  • At Con signup must be before or at the Cutie Pageant Rehearsal. Music must be provided on a physical USB stick, streaming music is unavailable.

Sign up here