Unfortunately our hotel has informed us that we will not be able to host the party block as we’d previously discussed with them due to Covid-19 considerations, despite having a covid plan in place for the party floor.

As such we’ve had to cancel the party floor as we had intended.

However, to avoid noise complaints, we will still be having a LOUD floor and QUIET floors. If you are intending to have visitors to your room in the evenings, and expect to be making noise, please request a LOUD floor. If you are in need of quiet and do not wish to be disturbed, then please request a QUIET floor.

Please note that noise complaints outside of the Loud floors will be dealt with swiftly and decisively. We also recommend that while visiting other peoples rooms who are not in your room “bubble” to remain masked while visiting, and sanitize your hands before entering and after leaving people’s rooms.

To request a LOUD or QUIET floor, please email our hotel coordinator at hotel@vancoufur.org with your choice of room type as the subject line. (eg: “LOUD floor room request”)

If you had previously applied to host a party, contact our party ambassador for further information.

Questions? Contact hotel@vancoufur.org