Evfurquest Lore

Introduction to the theme

From EverQuest, to World of Warcraft, the fantasy MMO genre has become massive with its own tropes and a plethora of memes and jokes that go with the epic stories that take place within the games themselves. While obviously not all MMORPG’s are fantasy based, we are focusing on the fantasy theme for 2021/2022.

We are creating our own fantasy MMORPG concept called “EvfurQuest”, obviously riffing off the original big daddy of fantasy MMOs, Everquest. We are however not following it strictly as a direct parody, but rather a jumping off place where we plan to parody a lot of other MMORPGs as well into the greater whole, and thus creating something original, but also somewhat a parody.

In nearly all fantasy MMORPGs focus on the development of the player character. The player progresses through the collection of some kind of experience points which ‘level’ a character to improve their skills, gain abilities, and make them better at their ‘class’. This typically involves the completion of quests, which often reveal lore and story of the world to the character, and combat with monsters or other players. Players may also accumulate wealth or special items which will also further their progress. Some games also have achievements that will grant progression, special perks, items or collectibles as well. We want attendees to feel immersed in the world of EvfurQuest when they attend the event and we will be using a combination of MMO tropes and lore/theme/art to do this.

The Backstory (continued from VF2020: Neon City theme/story)

When they’re not busy running the alleys of Neon City, Trigger and V.O.G. often find themselves unwinding to many of the Net’s digital entertainment selections. Often they play games or hang out on comm-chat with their mutual friend, Caster. Thanks to Caster’s connections to the entertainment industry, they were able to obtain passes to the beta of one of the newest, hottest upcoming games; EvFurquest 2021.

EvFurquest 2021 is a new high-fantasy, MMORPG experience. It was developed by Iridescent Games and published by the Turn Corporation through their digital storefront. Currently the game is in a closed Beta while the development team works on polishing mechanics, finishing up art assets, and implementing the rest of the story. It has been described by review vlogs as an open world experience, reminiscent of the classic Zelda: Breath of the Wild game and World of Warcraft. The aesthetic of this game is highly influenced by Greek and Roman architecture mixed with medieval European aesthetics.

The Developers

Iridescent Games was a small, indie developer known for some solid, polished experiences. When they were bought by the Turn Corporation a few years back, they sank their teeth into their first major project, EvFurquest.

Anai Kawauso is the lead designer for the project, and the project’s figure head in the media. He is so excited to get this game out that he can barely contain all the development secrets during interviews. He hopes that all of this work will be appreciated by the fans, and that nothing goes wrong in the process.

History of EvfurQuest world

Long ago, in the world of Furrn, on the continent of Athronica. There were two powers; The Dragon Empire and the Great Dynasty. They lived peacefully, for a time, working together to advance magic and technology to new, previously unseen heights. During this golden age, the grand city of Skyhold was born, a neutral city where the great knowledge of the world was kept.

As the use of magic grew, it’s source began to run dry. Fights began to erupt over what resources remained, and dark, immoral experiments were performed to try and make more power. Rifts between cities became rifts between these powers, and it tore their alliance apart. A Great War erupted. Neither the Empire nor the Dynasty survived the war, and the city of Skyhold was destroyed, becoming the barren, dangerous land of the Rift.

New powers have formed out of the ashes of the old. The Grand Alliance of Southern Anthronica, a region of merchant states, used their economic knowledge to create alliances and forge ahead from the ashes. The Republic of the Three, a democratic region of religious territories, sought to build a new future to avoid the strife caused by the Dynasty and the Empire. Finally, the Sovereign Union of Furrn, a region of monarchies, began to preserve the traditions and histories of what came before them all.

What is history, though, is never over. The Great war lead to a lot of dangers now plaguing the land; Traps plague the land, protecting ancient, magical artifacts. Enhanced, magical creatures roam the forests and skies, looking to make a target out of any weak looking citizen. Patches of wild magic threaten to curse, morph, or destroy any unsuspecting creature who might set them off. With these dangers on the landscape, the industry of adventurers is born.

Traps and cursed creatures aren’t all that plague the land. A Necromancer, using the very magic that caused the great war, has settled into the Deadlands, north of the Rift. His corruption is spreading, infecting the plants and wildlife in the surrounding area. As he grows in power, the corruption spreads further, threatening everyone.

Players in the world of EvfurQuest will start out as a normal adventurer, helping the merchants and travelers. But soon they will discover that they were meant for so much more.

The Gods

The various regions of Anthronica worship three different deities. Velta, the goddess of the night, Beldar, the God of the Battle, and Itos, the god of the void. These deities are often in conflict with each other over various behaviours or actions the other has taken, similar to the Greek gods on Olympus. Most commonly it is Velta and Beldar at each other’s throats, with Itos either encouraging or calming the two down, though the dynamic is known to shift.

The gods are bound to not interact directly with the mortals on Furrn. To engage in their conflicts, or to try and shift the world to their views, they will often appear in mortal form to talk directly to their worshippers or use other mortals as puppets for their whims. When appearing in mortal form, the gods may appear in any gender identity or species, but often select from some favourites. The only consistency is their godly symbol will be somewhere on them, though they may try to hide it.

Each god encompasses a number of different virtues that related to their core ideals. When appearing to mortals, they will always be in the aspect of one of these virtues. Velta represents the virtues of Truth, Wisdom, Creativity, Secrets, Magic, Desire, Peace, and Cunning. Beldar represents the virtues of Courage, Strength, Endurance, Loyalty, Honesty, Mercy, Royalty, War/Combat, Vigilance, and Pride. Itos represents the virtues of Balance, Life, Death, The End, The Beginning, Change, Time, Fortune, Cycles, Unity, and Strife

Those who follow the path of adventure are more often bound to cross paths with the gods and their avatars or champions, mortals upon whom they’ve bestowed a special boon or favor, endowing them with powers or magics more potent than most mortals possess. However, an adventurer must truly earn such a boon, and only those who’ve become great champions are worthy of such divine attention. But no power is without a price. Those who are blessed are then bound to the god who has blessed them for eternity.

The symbol of Beldar. Beldar normally is depicted by worshippers as an armor wearing male anthro wolf, most often holding a sword.

The symbol of Velta. Velta normally is depicted by worshippers as a female feline anthro clad in flowing cloth, holding a book and feather quill pen.

The symbol of Itos. Itos normally is depicted by worshippers as an avian anthro in a hooded rope and holding a staff with this symbol upon it. Itos is neither male nor female and often is depicted with a mask.

Regions and Geography of Anthronica


The Grand Alliance of Anthronica

This alliance is Comprised of the independent nations of:

  • Elion
  • Bronde
  • Deashoor
  • Taninvald

The nations of this alliance have systems of government that would be described as aristocracies or oligarchies. These lands are located to the south/southeast of Anthronica

The Sovereign Unions of Furrn

This union of nations is comprised of the following independent kingdoms:

  • The Kingdom of Ashgate
  • Norwynne
  • Ahkar
  • Eastsea

The nations of the Sovereign Union are a loose alliance of monarchies and stratocracies. These countries are located to the north/northeast of the continent of Anthronica.

Republic of the Three

This republic is comprised of the independent nations of:

  • Benedor
  • Avia
  • Thos
  • Leucothea

The nations of this republic have systems of government that would be described as democracies and theocratic governments. These lands border the entire of the western coast of Anthronica are are heavily religious compared to the other alliances.

Special regions of Anthronica

There are three ‘special regions’ on the continent which bear specific mention as they as much natural (and unnatural) wonders of the world as well as extremely dangerous.

  • The Deadlands
  • The Rift
  • The Lawless Desolation

These three regions constitute most of the central area of Anthronica, with the nations of the world forming something of a ‘ring’ around these treacherous areas.

Gameplay in EvfurQuest

At beta launch only three of the character types were available. Thief, Warrior, and Healer. However, Evfurquest features a robust customization for skills and magic, allowing players to build their characters with variants that focus into different areas. Warriors and Thieves may learn magic, and a Healer may learn how to fight, but certain races and classes get bonuses towards certain skills and take negatives to others. However, its fairly easy to adjust a build within a variant that is logical to the class. For example, a warrior might be a DPS build, or a Tank build, but they are generally not good at stealth like Thieves or  have high mana like healers, and suffer penalties to speed depending on what armor, skills and accessories they are armed with. Higher levels do allow for equipment and skills, as well as food buffs that help negate some of these issues.

The Devs have promised more classes, including Spellslinger, Ranger, and Martial Fighter to become available on Full Release.

Health & Magic

All beings possess inherent Mana which is used to cast spells, and health points that determine how robust a person is and how much damage they can withstand before dying. Health will replenish over time, and certain classes are more robust than others, reflecting their harsh training and rigorous devotion to the physical arts. Health can also be replenished with food or potions.

One needs to learn to channel mana to manifest and cast spells. Mana refills slowly while resting or not actively using spells, but can be replenished more quickly by drinking specific potions or special foods. Adventurers who are not a spell using class such as Healer, will need to visit a special trainer to unlock their mana. Not all Thieves or Warriors may want to do this, but it will open up that classes spell bar.

Aligning yourself with a god will give you a mana boost for as long as you are in that god’s favor, however, it may also lock out certain spell options and you may suffer penalties if you do things in game that go against that god’s wishes or doctrines. For example, a follower of Beltar would suffer a penalty if they choose to be dishonest through dialogue options, but would get a bonus to be honest and forthright, or violent.

Not all classes can know all spells. Only Healers get access to the healing spell tree as their primary, and control tree as their secondary. Warriors have the Damage tree as their primary and control tree as their secondary. Thieves get control as their primary, and damage as their secondary. However, be careful where you allocate your skill points! As you do quests and level up, you will get XP, and for every level you will get some skill points. You can choose to be a specialist, or a generalist, taking either all physical skills, all magical skills, or a mix. Each build has their advantages and disadvantages, but only specialist builds will get access to Legendary skills at max levels.

Quests & Adventuring

The story of Evfurquest begins with the character starting off on their path to adventure by doing quests for the local adventurer’s guild. As they build REPUTATION, good or bad, they will unlock new areas and quests. Completing quests, clearing dungeons, killing monsters, crafting, and exploring new places all grant XP, which will raise the characters level and let them get stronger. Quests also grant gold, the most by far. Though killing monsters will get other loot drop they can sell or use for crafting. They will unlock new gear and opportunities. There are also special world bosses that grant more exciting gear and goodies like exclusive pets, vanity skins, and emotes. If you find things you don’t need, each adventurer’s guild has an auction house to sell items you don’t need. If you might need it later and are running out of bag space, every major city has a bank for you to deposit your stuff.

When you level up, you’ll need to find a master to train you to increase your skills. Most can be found in the local Guild halls, but for some special skills you may have to quest your way into distant lands or mountains, deserts or deep forests to find them!