Vancoufur 2022 Writing Contest – Adventure Awaits!

 Theme/Prompt: Adventure Awaits!

Write a story set in the world of EvFurquest, or otherwise surrounding the setting, using the Think along the lines of the LitRPG genre or shows like .hack and Sword Art Online.

Submission deadline:
February 28th, 23:59

 Wordcount: Maximum of 3000 words.

 Submission instructions: Submit your stories via email to with a subject line, ‘Writing Contest – Adventure Awaits’. All submitted content must be no higher than PG-rated and suitable for the public ConBook.

Prize: The winner will have their story posted on the website and worked into the 2023 ConBook, and/or incorporated into the world-building or lore. The runner-up will get an honourable mention on the website and in the 2023 ConBook. Winners will be contacted via email and announced on Vancoufur social media.

Good luck! Hope to see lots of entries.