Rhukai (they/them) is an Indigenous comic artist and writer from Saskatchewan who now calls BC home. They have quietly been a part of the furry community since the old IRC/MU** days (shout-outs to anyone who remembers Alfandria…), but have recently discovered a love of fursuiting and fursuit building. They are especially fond of building wings and anything with feathers.

In another guise, Rhukai is the artist and writer of the long-running webcomic, Weregeek. Their recent comic work includes two werewolf anthologies, Can I Pet Your Werewolf , and A Howl, as well as an anthology of First Nations legends called Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: North America. They also host a regular drawing stream called Let Me Tell You About My Character, where they randomly generate and draw weird D&D  characters.

Rhukai is a longtime LARPer and loves TTRPGs, including Shadowrun, Monsterhearts, and 5e D&D. They play Mykie, the dragonborn artificer, in the weekly actual-play 5e stream Something Wicked (twitch.tv/something5e), and Oogna, the orcish pit-fighter in another 5e stream called Trash Heroes (twitch.tv/weregeekcomics). They have also written a supplement for Monte Cook Games’ The Strange, called Ohunkakan: The Living Myths , and they drew a comic about gaming featured in Your Best Game Ever.

Rhukai is obsessed with birds and dinosaurs (which sound like the same thing except that if you ask them to tell you about non-avian dinosaurs and synapsids, they will go on about it for QUITE some time XD), and have volunteered at Greyhaven, a local parrot rescue. They have three birds; a cockatiel named Nutmeg and two lineolated parakeets, named Merry and Pippin.

Their other hobbies include cooking and trying new cuisines, kayaking, hiking, and identifying plants.

They are very honored to be this year’s Guest of Honor, and are looking forward to meeting you all!

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