Floor Wars


SATURDAY, MARCH 5, 2022 7:30PM

(Sign up for the event Saturday 3:30pm)

VancouFur Floor Wars is back and ready to shake the Sheraton Guildford Grand ballroom with another high energy competition! Who’s going to take home the title? Unlike the popular Fursuit Dance Competition, THIS IS A BATTLE! You have no idea what songs will be thrown at you by our DJ; he doesn’t take requests! Once again RoWdY RazzKatt and Jake Tiggy will be hosting the event. Think you’re ready to own the floor?  

There will be two separate classes of dancers, suited and non suited, so this is your chance to come show off your stuff whether you have a suit or not.  Dances will be a head to head format and will be to music picked by the coordinators, so be ready for anything.  Once the round is complete judges will decide who moves on to the next round where you will battle the winners of the previous rounds.  All leading up to one massive in your face show down of epic proportions.  



  • Each dancer will be given two 30-45 sec. opportunities per round to outshine their competitor. The winner will be determined by our panel of judges.  

  • Physical contact with your opponent is not permitted during the battle! Handshakes and hugs after the battle is over are totally fine. 

  • Attire must be appropriate and non-revealing. This is a PG event 

  • No cussing, insults or inappropriate gestures. Keep it classy friends.  

  • When your opponent has the floor, it is their time to shine. No distractions against your opponent. Allow them to finish their routine or be counted out by the host. 

  • No non-clothing props are allowed! This means no poi, hoops, canes, staffs etc. Using clothing such as hats and scarves are permitted as long as they are not thrown at your opponent. 

  • The song you have been given is your battle, our DJ will NOT skip to the next song. 2 songs will be used during your round. 

  • You MUST arrive to the competition 20 minutes before the event! DON’T BE LATE or you will lose your spot.  

VancouFur is not responsible for any injuries during the event. Know your limits! This is a very tiring and strenuous competition. Stretch and stay hydrated. 

Judging Categories (D-O-P-E-R) 

  • Dynamics: Moves have crowd & judge appeal, difficulty is prominent. 

  • Originality: Moves are unique and not repeated, shows advanced knowledge/creativity. 

  • Personality: Dancer shows character and their own flavour/style with their dance. 

  • Execution: Moves match with the tempo/style of music, no sloppiness/crashes. 

  • Response: Dancer(s) show active response to the music or their opponents – moves create a “battle” against the music and/or opponents 

(Note that while these are the general judging categories, each of our judges may use their own criteria in order to determine their vote. The categories listed above are guidelines and not the only system of judging in effect.)