Accessibility at Vancoufur

At Vancoufur, we want to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all our attendees. We understand that there are many disabilities that may affect an attendee’s experience. To help cover a few accessibility needs that may come up more frequently, we have this year implemented an Accessibility Sticker.

These stickers will grant an attendee:

  • Early access to main events (located in the Fraser Room and Ballroom).This is to allow time for those who need it to find the best seat for their needs, as well as set up of mobility aids.
  • Priority entry for all non-main events and panel rooms. This allows sticker holders first entry into any panel rooms, allowing attendees to find the best seat for their needs.
    • If, when requested, a room is still being flipped and/or there are no seats available inside yet, any accessibility sticker holder can request a chair to use until the event has opened. When available, early access and priority will still apply.
  • Elevator priority access for all accessibility sticker holders. This allows those who need it first access to elevators.

Any person who believes that they require these accommodations will have access to this sticker, with minimal questions asked. Proof of disability will not need to be provided. 

To obtain a sticker, any attendee is welcome to inquire at the accessibility table, ops (Trillium room on the second floor), or to a ranging accessibility member. 

In addition to this, Vancoufur is proud to honor Access 2 cards during registration, as well as the welcoming of service dogs in our convention space. Main events will also have a reserved section at the front open to those with mobility aids.

We also have a quiet room for people with sensory disorders such as those with autism who may need a quiet space to decompress if things become overwhelming. To access this, please approach any staff member with a radio or come to Ops in the Trillum room on the 2nd floor and they will assist you to the room.

If you require different or additional support within convention space or have any questions about our accessibility measures, please reach out to and let us know what we can do to help.