Murder Mystery

The Murder Mystery is a 3 hour, fully immersive “who dunnit” event. Players will adopt a character that is assigned to them, and they will be given goals, secrets, advantages and disadvantages they must use to not only advance their own agenda, but also stay alive and ultimately solve the mystery and sus out the killer among them.

This is VF’s 4th Murder Mystery Event and is quickly becoming a fan favorite!

To participate, players sign up on the form below and they will be given a character assignment based on their requests and comfort levels. Once you sign up, you will be assigned a character and given some information and costume direction.

Players are encouraged to dress up and adopt their character as fully as they can for the duration of the event. While highly encouraged, costuming is not absolutely required, and there are roles for every comfort level. Fursuits aren’t restricted, but are not generally recommended as they restrict vision and hearing too much to be workable for the purposes of a murder mystery as you must be able to see, hear, and communicate in order to participate. Ears, tails, half masks, and all other manner of costume is fine, as long as you can see, hear, and speak relatively clearly.

Signup is recommended, particularly if you want to play a character that is a main character. A few side roles will be available at con for walk-ins, but they will not have very deep or highly participatory roles. If you want a good role, you must sign up in advance. Players will be provided with all the pieces they need to play as well as name tags, in-game “currency” and other bits and bobs as required by the role.

Prizes for solving the mystery, most currency, best performance, and best costume, will be awarded! Must be 16+ to play.

Questions can be directed to

2020 Murder Mystery