Vancoufur welcomes Zee the Racoon as our Guest of Honour for 2024.

Zee is a bubbly fursuiter, artist and cosplayer who loves creating videos!

A documenter and entertainer – Zee is most well-known for creating bite-sized informational pieces on fandom culture (furry and cosplay) that are easy to watch and fun to listen to. She loves DIY obscure costumes!

As a lifelong convention addict her joy and enthusiasm for the beauty of costume and community crystalize in her videos as inspiration for all who appreciate art and subculture. A zinester, game-creator, event-runner and comic maker… she’s got a lot going on!! You can usually find Zee running around the con doing panels about art or some of the sillier parts of fandom! Come to one to find out!

Zee’s videos can be found on tiktok, youtube, X (twitter), and instagram.

You can also check out Zee’s website for art and merch.

Portrait showing Zee the Raccoon's Fursuit