Vancoufur welcomes Che as our 2024 Community Spotlight!

Che (she/her) is artist/illustrator/colorist who’s fursona is a fennic fox. She has been working professionally as a background painter in the animation industry for eight years, but has been doing furry art since she was young. Some of her credits include: Star trek: Lower Decks, Q-force, Agent Elvis, Cleopatra in Space, Carmen Sandiego, My Little Pony Movie, and much more. She enjoys playing with color and light, and is constantly learning new techniques, as well hoarding brush packs.

She started her volunteer journey doing artwork for Vancoufur in 2014 working on the vancoufur conbook and badges, and has been a regular presence on VF’s Art team. In 2018 Che stepped up to become the art director of the Art Team for the 2019 convention year. Che has since overseen the VF art team as art director, ensuring the merch and look and feel of the convention is polished and on theme. Che has also volunteered for other local events such as Howloween when time permits.

When not volunteering or making art, she is an avid wow player, may be taking pictures of her beloved cats, or creating leather crafts.

This year, we recognize Che’s remarkable contributions to VF and volunteering, as well as the sharing of her own talent and nuturing the talents of others that she has done as a part of her volunteer work. To check out che’s work, visit (and follow) her socials including; twitter, instagram, tumblr, furaffinity, and bluesky

Portrait of Che