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Headless Lounge

Thur 10am – 2am
Fri 9am – 2am
Sat 9am – 3am
Sun 10am – 5pm

Info Desk

Thur 6pm – 11pm
Fri 10am – 10pm
Sat 9:30am – 10pm
Sun 10am – 3pm

Con Ops

Thur 2pm – 3am
Fri 8am – 3am
Sat 8am – 3am
Sun 8am – 6pm


Wed 6pm – 10pm (VIP/Volunteers)
Thur 10am – 12pm (VIP/Volunteers)
12pm – 11pm
Fri 9am – 10:30pm
Sat 9am – 10:30pm
Sun 10am – 3pm

REMINDER: Daylight savings time ends on Sunday, March 10th at 2AM, where the clocks will jump forward to 3AM. Some of our panelling ends directly at 2AM that night but shows as 3AM on the schedule. Please plan accordingly.

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