Apparel Guidlines

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BCAEA events are created for the enjoyment of the community and as such the community is encouraged to demonstrate their creativity in their attire. This document is to serve as a guideline on recommended attire, suitability, and restricted items in common (public) and convention areas unless explicitly permitted:

Required at all times:

  1. Attendees must maintain a minimum level of body coverage (t-shirt and shorts, or equivalent)
  2. Clothing and/or accessories that overly accentuate, deliberately draw attention to, and/or reveal genitalia are not permitted.
  3. No items that will unduly compromise your mobility or safety
  4. Any logo, symbol, flag, or imagery or any kind that is, or appears to be, intended to provoke or spread hate is not permitted.

Permitted at all times:

  1. Collars
  2. Nylon ‘dogsled style’ harnesses
  3. Cuffs (Cannot be used to bind a person)
  4. Leashes (Cannot be held by another person. Must not be unsecured/tripping hazard)
  5. Locks (On collars and jewelry apparel only)
  6. Spandex Costumes (E.g. Spider-Man/Deadpool)
  7. Puppy/Pony hoods

Permitted during 21:30PST until 6:00PST

  1. Bodysuits (Not the fursuit kind, and must be opaque)
  2. Harnesses (not covered previously)
  3. Latex gear
  4. Body coverings with obscene or graphic imagery

Permitted at no time:

  1. ‘In use’ restraints (the wearer is bound/restrained by such)
  2. Chains (unless for decorative purposes only)
  3. Anything that can restrict breathing (e.g. gags)
  4. Straitjackets


At any time a staff member of the BCAEA may request an attendee to change their attire if it is deemed in violation of the above guidelines. In the event of a dispute on the appropriateness of an attendee’s attire, the final judgment will reside with the board of directors, event chair, or executive team.

In the event of a medical emergency, items of clothing may be removed to render medical aid.

In line with Canadian federal laws, any costume depicting any military or police enforcement roles must be obviously fake unless worn by an active
service person.

Attendees are encouraged to have a change of clothes (which are appropriate for all hours) available to them within the hotel and/or convention space.

The BCAEA is not responsible for any personal injury that may occur as a result of personal attire / costume choice.

If you have any questions during the convention about the apparel guidelines, ask the nearest staff member from the security or operations team to provide you with a copy of this policy. If they are unable to provide you with the information, ask that they point you to someone who can
assist you. These guidelines are subject to change and may be updated at any time.

Last update Feb 2020.