Party Block

If you want to host a party at VF2024, you must apply for party block! Any parties outside of party block will be shut down! If you plan to host a party, you must apply. You have been warned.

Welcome to the application for the VF2024 Party block! Please read all the information that follows carefully before filling out the application form. Applications close Feb 25, 2024.


Please only apply for party block if you consider yourself one of the following:

  1. Someone who is OK with noise past 11pm on Friday and 3 am Saturday.
  2. Someone who is throwing a higher traffic or themed closed-door party.
  3. Someone who is throwing an open-door party which may generate a lot of noise.

Please be aware of the following:

1. The room holder is responsible for any and all damages. Please ensure your guests are respectful, under control and clean up any messes quickly. If anyone is found to be responsible for major damages they may be barred from hosting any future parties or the con itself depending on the severity. If someone damages your room on purpose report it to con security immediately with the perpetrator. This could help prevent you from having to pay for it.

2. NO amplified/dedicated subwoofers as those resonate through the whole hotel.

3. If you are asked to turn it down by either con-staff or the party block ambassador please do so immediately. They’re asking you to do this because it is causing complaints outside of the loud zone.

4. Con security will be the first contact for anybody partying too hard. If it cannot be handled by con security (such as someone becoming overly aggressive or uncontrollable) you may be dealt with by hotel security or the police.

5. You will be assigned a room slot by the party ambassador. If you are assigned a room slot you must ONLY cancel your room by contacting the VancouFur Hotel Liaison or the Party Ambassador. ( This prevents the room from accidentally being issued to a non-VF attendee and ruining it for everyone.

6. NO Smoking or Vaping in hotel rooms. (They have sensors and the hotel will charge you!)


  • The party block floor is an 18+ Con Space. As such, we request that if you have someone rooming with you in this space they must be 18+.
  • The drinking age is 19 in BC. Any party serving alcohol must be a 19+ party space. Party hosts must ID check prior to serving.
  • There will be VancouFur staff checking badges to verify con registration at the entrances to the party floor.
  • Party hosts are responsible for ensuring that anyone being served or permitted alcohol at their party is verified by ID check that they are over 19.  There are heavy provincial fines if you provide alcohol to minors. VERIFY BY ID.

Party Safety

  • ANTI-ALCOHOLISM – Please ensure you provide sober drink options at your party as well.
  • BATHROOMS – Avoid the “public bathroom” experience. Check that your toilet isn’t leaking incase someone is a jerk and unscrews something. Have a limit on how long someone can occupy a bathroom and limit the number of people who can enter the bathroom. Report any leaks or hotel damages to hotel staff prior to your party! Photograph any existing damages to be safe.
  • CONSENT – Watch out for your fellow furs, ensure any actions are consensual and not being done while severely intoxicated. If someone needs help please reach out to the party host or con security, check on them directly. Please ensure your guests know that ENTHUSIASTIC VERBAL CONSENT is the preferred method of discussing consent to adult activities as it avoids all confusion.
  • HARM REDUCTION – Drug use is NOT permitted, however we also understand that people might ignore this rule. If you notice anyone experiencing troubles with reality please approach them in a calm manor and provide some assistance to get them to a safe space. Kindness and respect goes a long way towards conflict avoidance. If you or someone you know is intending on using drugs please make sure they follow safety guidelines. Learn about what you’re taking and properly test any substances to make sure you are aware of what you are taking. Have a sober person with you to ensure your safety and civil interactions with others. Overdoses can occur and can be avoidable if you take the time to educate yourself and verify the safety of your substances.
  • PROTECTION – If you notice anyone experiencing a difficult time, overly intoxicated or “drowsy” these are symptoms of their drink being drugged. Thankfully this is a rare experience in this fandom, however, we do ask that everyone keep an eye out and watch over your fellow furs. If someone is “looming” over a person who is acting uncharacteristically intoxicated please check in with the intoxicated person and provide a safe way of getting back to their hotel room. Report the incident and trust your gut. Ensure their beverage container is retained so it can be tested if need be.
  • CLEANING – You will be provided paper towel rolls and large blue recycle bags. If there are spills or messes please do your best to clean them up immediately. If there is vomit please ensure you contact room service quickly to avoid it becoming a worse issue, have it cleaned up immediately.
  • COVID – The covid guidelines are ever changing and there is now a more infections variant spreading. Please follow all hotel and convention guidelines for preventing covid spread. Masks are recommended, especially in confined spaces. Positive air flow is also recommended, as a party host please consider getting a fan to create air flow either inward or outward from your room. Covid procedures may be updated by the time of the convention. Be sure to touch base with the party ambassador to make sure you are up to date on covid party safety at the time of the event.

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