Vancoufur Online

Itching to experience Vancoufur but can’t make it in person?

We have a VRchat world & Minecraft server for you to enjoy and meet up in, and at VF time we’ll also be streaming live on twitch our events and panels! 

Join our Minecraft server here!

Interested in VRChat? keep reading…


Unable to make VancouFur this year? Want to say hi to a friend from a far (or not so far) away place? Check out our VRChat portal! Featured for all main dances, as well as two meetups through the weekend! VRChat users can say hi to people in real life, and vice versa! Yes, you can actually talk back and forth!

To join us, make sure to follow these steps:

For portal access, you must first join our VRChat group!
Join our Portal from in the group! Look for the “instances” tab from in the group. You can also try visiting (make sure to join the group first!)

The portal will be live for each of these events through the weekend:

Thursday Dance: Thursday, 10pm to 2am PST
Avali Meetup: Friday, 6pm to 7pm PST
Friday Dance: Friday, 10pm to 2am PST
Social VR Meetup: Saturday, 6pm to 7pm PST
Saturday Dance: Saturday, 10pm to 2am PST

We hope to see you there!

Join the official VF 2024 VRChat world!

Don’t be afraid to hop in early and book mark it for when the party gets underway! We also have a group you can join here!

Streaming & Twitch

Watch our main events on twitch here: VF Main stage twitch

And watch select panels here: VF twitch Panel stream

Be sure to follow the channels to get notified when we’re online!

Our minecraft server is also open for you to explore and play in while VF is underway! And our discord server has all our Dealer’s digital vendor channels as well as lively discussion!