VF2024 is proud to bring you a new event! Our very first Fursuit Maid cafe! Presented by Mirai wonder Cafe!

Come and enjoy delicious drinks, sweet treats and tasty food served by adorable furry maids who will entertain and delight congoers in this very exclusive lunch time event! A great chance to get to have a unique experience with our maid and butler clad fursuiters, including our guest of honour, Zee!

Guests at the cafe will enjoy a selection of various beverages, food, and sweets options that are included in thet ticket price. Event is on Friday, March 8, from 12:30-2pm. Tickets are very limited, and $70 CAD. Fursuiters will also entertain with dances and extreme cuteness at your table, and there will be opportunities made available for photos with your favorite maid or butler.

Buy your ticket now before they sell out! Log into your registration, and add a ticket to your reg here.