Hotel Update

Some people may have recieved emails regarding their hotel booking at the main hotel for VF2024.

For those who may have not recieved the letter directly, here is the situation.

The booking software that was used for handling our reservations was discovered to have a bug that allowed the overbooking of our room block, particularly double queens. This bug was discovered due to the intensity of the traffic against the booking site, but the damage was not fully realized until we did a manual audit of the bookings.

This has resulted in the need to shift people to different room types or an overflow hotel. This is not a situation we take lightly, the Chair themselves is handling the logistics around this, and will be taking steps in the future to avoid this situation repeating.

If you recieved a letter asking if you would shift room types, from a queen to a king, it is important that you RESPOND AS SOON A POSSIBLE to regarding your decision.

Approximately 12 bookings will be required to be moved to an overflow. 

In compensation, the con will offer a free sponsorship upgrade to the person who made the reservation and their listed guests. We will also offer priorty booking for 2025 to guaruntee you get a room in the 2025 hotel.  If you did not get the email, but have a room in the main hotel and are willing to voluntarily shift to an overflow, please email

If no one comes forward to voluntarily move, we will have to move the individuals who booked after the room block was full.

Please understand we do not want to have to do this, but the reality is, there’s simply not enough rooms. We will make sure everyone who booked HAS a room, but it just may not be in the main hotel. It’s the best we can do under the circumstances. If you do have a room, and want to help, you can voluntarily move to an overflow and recieve the above compensation. Note that it will not cost you anything to move due to the issue. We will assist with the rebooking/moving of reservations.

If you are willing to move, please send an email with your room booking # to as soon as possible. 

If you have questions, also send them to the email above, or join our discord or telegram for live assistance.